Illegal immigration hurts all low-skilled American workers
E-Verify does what a fence won't do
Illegal immigration reduces the wages of native workers
Drug cartels profit from Florida's illegal alien job magnet
Florida is the only state in the Southeast that has not enacted E-Verify.

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Great News! We are well on our way to the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) placing our E-Verify proposal on Florida's November 2018 ballot. Our proposal has passed two CRC committee hearings; both unanimously.  Our amendment is now one of thirty-seven amendments for consideration to move forward.


  • Mid-March: The CRC will begin debate on which amendments will move forward
  • April Vote: A final vote will take place to choose which amendments will be placed on the November 2018 ballot. Amendments must be approved by 22 of the 37 CRC Commissioners to be placed on the 2018 ballot for approval by 60% of voters.


  • Sign The Petition  Doing so will send your message of support to all 37 commissioners.

If you have already signed our petition, please take these additional actions;

  • Contact CRC Commissioners to urge them to place our proposed E-Verify Amendment (Proposal 29) on the 2018 Florida ballot.




Please Support E-Verify Proposal 29


Dear CRC Commission Member:

Please put E-Verify Proposal 29 on the ballot.

Floridians should have a right to vote on this
critical solution next November.

Thank you.

[Your Name]

Call the CRC:  (850) 717-9550


Petition to the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission

Whereas, the E-Verify system is a federal Internet-based system that lets businesses check prospective employees to see if they are legally present and eligible to work in the United States.

Whereas, E-Verify is currently the best means available for employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees.

Whereas, knowingly hiring illegal aliens is against the law and robs Florida’s citizens and legal immigrants of job opportunities.

Whereas, providing education, medical care, and other public services to its illegal alien population costs Florida taxpayers $6.3 billion a year.

Whereas, E-Verify is business friendly, it’s fast, free and easy to use – and it’s the best way employers can make sure they are employing a legal workforce.

Therefore, I, the undersigned Florida taxpayer, call upon the members of Florida’s Constitutional Revision Commission to place this amendment on Florida’s 2018 ballot.

Proposed Amendment

A new section in Article X of the State Constitution to prohibit unauthorized aliens from working in the state and to require the legislature, by a specified date, to establish an employment eligibility verification process.

Article X, Section 30. Employment Eligibility Verification.

a. An unauthorized alien may not work in this state contrary to federal immigration law.

b. By July 1,2020, the legislature shall, by general law:

1. Establish an employment eligibility verification process to ensure that all employees in the state are legally authorized to work under applicable federal immigration law. Employment verification must be completed in a manner consistent with federal law, including within the established timeframe following the hire date of each new employee.

2. Enact a statewide random auditing program administered by an executive department to ensure compliance with the employment eligibility verification process and prescribe penalties for failure to comply.

Florida House and Senate leadership has made it clear they will not stop illegal hiring in Florida

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement has worked for a decade now to have the Florida State Legislature address Florida’s Illegal Immigration crisis by enacting immigration enforcement legislation. To date Republican leadership has blocked over thirty immigration bills meant to protect Floridians from the negative effects of illegal immigration. The Legislature has passed pro illegal alien In-State Tuition and legislation to allow illegal aliens to practice law in Florida. Click here for the full story